Light Rigid (LR) Vehicle Licensing

Light Rigid (LR) Vehicle Licensing - TLILIC2014B

LR vehicles include:

• Small trucks with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) up to 8 tonnes. Any towed trailer must not weigh more than nine tonnes GVM

• Buses that seat more than 12 adults including the driver and a GVM up to 8 tonnes

To apply for an LR licence, you must:

1. Have held a class C licence, (except a learner licence) or equivalent for one year or more. Any time you've spent on a P1 licence counts, but you can't practice to drive an LR vehicle, or upgrade to an LR licence until you hold a P2 or full class C licence

2. Pass the LR knowledge test

3. Pass an eyesight test

4. Pass the knowledge test at RMS OR SERVICES NSW .  

4. Obtain a learners log book and then...

5.RING US  0419 210258. We do all the training and your final assessment in house